How to add data from a List<List<String>> to a list view

i'm having a List<List<String>> MyList and which contains

    { "A1","B1","C1" }
    { "A2","B2","C2" }
    { "A3","B3","C3" }

i need to add this to a ListView control with three columns

so the list view will be like


   A1                  A2                 A2
   B1                  B2                 B3
   C1                  C2                 C3

Is there any way to do this using LINQ

EDIT Here is my solution for this :

ListViewItem[] lItem = MyList.Select(
                                          X => new ListViewItem(X.ToArray())

But here i need to add an Index.... The List view will be like

___S.No __Clm1________________Clm2________________Clm3_______________
   1      A1                  A2                 A2
   2      B1                  B2                 B3
   3      C1                  C2                 C3

How to add index to the listview?


Personally I find this a lot cleaner:

var myList = new List<List<string>>()
    new List<string>(){ "A1","B1","C1" },
    new List<string>(){ "A2","B2","C2" },
    new List<string>(){ "A3","B3","C3" },

foreach (var row in myList)
    var item = new ListViewItem(listView.Items.Count.ToString());

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