I need help on how to implement class that can be shown in object Inspector

i have

  TDispPitch = class
    iLineSize: Integer;
    iLineColor: TColor;
    bDisplayAccent: Boolean;
    bVisible: Boolean;
    property LineSize : Integer read iLineSize write iLineSize;

and i wanted this feature shown in Object Insepector to edit the settings.

i try adding

property DispPitch: TDispPitch read FDispPitch write FDispPitch. like 

the DispPitch can be shown but i cannot see its properties. like LineSize, LineColor etc.


You must derive your class from TPersistent, or a descendant, in order to make it available in the Object Inspector:

TDispPitch = class(TPersistent)
  property ...

From Delphi Documentation:

TPersistent is the ancestor for all objects that have assignment and streaming capabilities.

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