installing Lingotip translate on Magento; php version conflict; would like to override

I have just installed Magento ver. on our Ubuntu dev server and am trying to install the Lingotip translation extension.

I am receiving the error:

magento-community/Lingotip_Translate requires PHP (version >= 5.0, version <= 5.3.2), installed version is 5.3.2-2
Install Errors
No valid packages found
PEAR ERROR: install failed 

I think there must be a fairly simple way to comment out this check code to allow the .2-2 patch to work, but I am completely new to Magento and am unable to find it anywhere in the codebase.

My question is, can someone show me either:

1) how to "override" this blocking code, or

2) how to install this "ready2paste" version of the lingotip code I found at the freegentoo site.

Thank you!


I don't believe that Magento is certified for PHP 5.3 There are a slew of issues with 5.3 on the Magento forums, the fixes involve hacking the core Magento code which isn't recommended.

I would suggest that you rollback to PHP 5.2 which will fix your immediate issue and be safer with Magento in general.

--------- EDIT ---------

If rollback to 5.2 isn't an option, you could download the package manually using

./pear download magento-community/Lingotip_Translate

and then exploding the tarball yourself. Place the app, skin and other folders as seems appropriate and go for it. Obviously, you are choosing to void your warranty in bypassing the installer, and your mileage may vary. good luck :)

You will need to have run ./pear mage-setup . in your magento install dir previously.

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