ASP.NET Routing or URL Rewriting?

I'm currently using URL Rewriting, but I recently stumbled upon this link on Rerouting, and it looks like it's quite simple yet powerful, and easier to implement than URL Rewriting, a "downside" probably is that configurations are not sitting on a web.config file but rather on the code itself, but I was wondering about the differences, and advantages of using one over the other.

Having read some resources about routing, I can see the differences, and now I reformulate my question:

Is it worth it to move from URL Rewriting to Routing? Are there any IIS-specific configurations that should be made? Is it recommended to use it on a ASP.NET WebForms Application, or is it oriented to other kind of projects?


IMO URL Rewriting has been a workaround in many cases. Rerouting is one of the concepts that supersede URL Rewriting in that cases. In Short: If Rerouting works in your case, you should use it.

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