How can I set environment variables PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Unix TeamCity build agent?

I use TeamCity to build c++ on Unix (Solaris). TeamCity invokes make, and within my makefile I need to call svn. For this I need to modify PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

I could set these within the makefile but the locations vary from server to server. does anyone know a way to set these for each TeamCity build agent, e.g. by editing conf/

I could set them in ~/.login etc for the TeamCity build account, but I would prefer not to as it is a shared account.

-thanks, Barney


You could create a wrapper script that exports these variables before executing the TeamCity command.

You can configure the environment in conf/ as you suspected, by setting properties that begin with env.. It works for both setting variables from scratch and modifying existing values. Mine looks like this:


(It's hidden in the docs. I'm not sure if 5.0 had this (I think it did, though), but 7.0 definitely does.)

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