dlmalloc crash on Win7

For some time now I've been happily using dlmalloc for a cross-platform project (Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu). Recently, however, it seems that using dlmalloc leads to a crash-on-exit on Windows 7.

To make sure that it wasn't something goofy in my project, I created a super-minimal test program-- it doesn't do anything but return from main. One version ("malloctest") links to dlmalloc and the other ("regulartest") doesn't. On WinXP, both run fine. On Windows 7, malloctest crashes. You can see screencasts of the tests here.

My question is: why is this happening? Is it a bug in dlmalloc? Or has the loader in Windows 7 changed? Is there a workaround?

fyi, here is the test code (test.cpp):

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
    return 0;

and here is the nmake makefile:

all: regulartest.exe malloctest.exe

malloctest.exe: malloc.obj test.obj
 link /out:$@ $**

regulartest.exe: test.obj
 link /out:$@ $**

 del *.exe *.obj

For brevity, I won't include the dlmalloc source in this post, but you can get it (v2.8.4) here.

Edit: See these other relavent SO posts:


Looks like a bug in the C runtime. Using Visual Studio 2008 on Windows 7, I reproduced the same problem. After some quick debugging by putting breakpoints in dlmalloc and dlfree, I saw that dlfree was getting called with an address that it never returned earlier from dlmalloc, and then it was hitting an access violation shortly thereafter.

Thankfully, the C runtime's source code is distributed along with VS, so I could see that this call to free was coming from the __endstdio function in _file.c. The corresponding allocation was in __initstdio, and it was calling _calloc_crt to allocate its memory. _calloc_crt calls _calloc_impl, which calls HeapAlloc to get memory. _malloc_crt (used elsewhere in the C runtime, such as to allocate memory for the environment and for argv), on the other hand, calls straight to malloc, and _free_crt calls straight to free.

So, for the memory that gets allocated with _malloc_crt and freed with _free_crt, everything is fine and dandy. But for the memory that gets allocated with _calloc_crt and freed with _free_crt, bad things happen.

I don't know if replacing malloc like this is supported -- if it is, then this is a bug with the CRT. If not, I'd suggest looking into a different C runtime (e.g. MinGW or Cygwin GCC).

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