Moving from Flash to AIR, getting started?

I've built an interactive disc for a camp for the last few years which was basically a custom video, audio, photo player and PDF viewer.

In the past, I've built it as a Windows Projector, but this year, I'd like to move to Adobe AIR. I was wondering about a few things in regards to AIR's capabilities and distribution.

  1. Can AIR access the users filesystem? In other words:

    • Can I allow users to save images to their hard drive?
    • Can AIR load PDFs or load a local program, such as Adobe Reader?
    • Can AIR check for the existence of a particular program?
  2. Does one AIR file run across all platforms? (Mac, Windows at least, Linux a plus)

  3. Can I distribute an offline AIR runtime installer along with the CD?

We've traditionally distributed on a CD and I don't think this will change.


  1. Yes. There are some limitations, such as system security, but strictly speaking you can.
  2. Yes:
  3. Yes, but you may need a license depending on some conditions:

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