SurfaceView of type PUSH_BUFFERS

I have some experience with the SurfaceView. To prevent unneeded redrawing, I always use a countdown variable which tells the thread how often the view should be drawn.

countdown > 0 : draw ? doNothing

However I was thinking about changing that to use a "push surface". So just push a buffer to the surface and show that instead of setting a countdown variable everywhere in my project.

My problem is that I can't find a good tutorial/resource where the usage is described. Currently I have something like this:

// panel is the SurfaceView
c = panel.getHolder().lockCanvas(null);
synchronized (panel.getHolder()) {

I have no idea on how to get the canvas to draw on when I can't use lockCanvas() as mentioned in the documentation.


This question is obsolete after making the surface types deprecated. So it isn't used anymore...

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