Firebug for Chrome

Can anyone recommend a decent extension to Google Chrome that is similar to Firebug? I did see that there are a couple of similar questions here on SO, but the answers seem to be very dated.



You can use firebug lite. But Chrome already has more than decent developer tools built in it.

It's built in. Press Ctrl + Shift + I. (Or Tools > Developer in the menu)

Need Your Help

How can I create a SQLite3 database file using a SQL command file?

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I have a file which contains some SQL commands, something that looks like this:

How do I parse the middle string between two characters (dashes )in sql

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I can parse the first and last section of the samples below (the sql works for last section). I need to parse each part into it's own column, but I may not know how many dashes are in the string.

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