vb.net with Database

in java we have this name space "javax.persistence". this namespace allows you to create a data base when you running your application with no necessary to open sqlserver and create a database and table in it it created automatically. is there a name Space in vb.net works the same as "javax.persistence" or not? if yes please write a sample of code as an example to be more specific? thx at all


Have you considered Code First using the Entity Framework? It does require a SQL server but the schema design is driven from your domain model. Scott Gu has a great introduction here

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google maps v3 setting marker size dynamically

javascript object google-maps-api-3

heres the problem, i have a database thats hold information on marker images:

Which MySQL indices take longer to be updated?

mysql optimization indexing cardinality

I was wondering, which indices take longer to be updated, when an entry is added to a MySQL-table. Those indices with a high cardinality or those with a low cardinality.

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