What to read when bored?

Hey guys... Its quite late in the night right now and I'm taking some time off from coding my project. I discovered Coding Horror only a few weeks ago and I totally loved it. Having read all of its posts I have ran out of things to read when bored.

Can someone please suggest some great blogs (coding,computers) to read which are informative and fun one can read when bored?


I browsed through my RSS feeds and grabbed out this selection.

Regular updates:

Few or no updates, but great material to go through over time:

This Site is great. I recommend :)

Something comedic? Try Linux Hater's blog (http://linuxhaters.blogspot.com/).

Something educational? Try Jon Skeet's coding blog (http://msmvps.com/blogs/jon_skeet/Default.aspx).

reddit.com you will get hooked.

Steve Yegge's and Joel Spolsky's blogs have great stuff.

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