python-pip yum package provides pip-python instead of pip

I installed python-pip package via yum (using Fedora's updates repo). It does not add the pip script to my PATH though.

$ which pip
/usr/bin/which: no pip in

It does, however, create pip-python:

$ rpm -ql python-pip

$ which pip-python

I was considering making pip a symbolic link to pip-python but is there a reason the executable is named pip-python to begin with?


It is probably to avoid a conflict with another package that has an executable called pip. As long as you don't install that package, you should be safe.

Another annoying example of this is the chromium browser, which my distro's executable is chromium-browser to avoid a conflict with some game I had never heard of until I did an: apt-get install chromium.

If you install the python-pip package and then run:

pip-python install -U pip

pip will fix itself.

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