A good way to send the results from a MySQL query over a Web Service?

I've been trying to figure out a good and easy way to send the results of a MySQL Query over my Web Service.

There is a lot of good methods that I've looked into, like Data Transfer Object, but I would like to keep it as simple as possible. At this point simply getting this to work has a higher priority. :)

Any help or documentation is welcome, even on more difficult topics, but as mentioned above the simpler the better at this point.


when you say expose your results, do you also mean dynamic querying? such as Wcf Data Services

However be careful on what and how you expose information. It is a pain to go back and fix it.

for SOA or a 3 physical Tier I would consider using

  • Service Layer
  • Data transfer objects, they are great, exposing data directly can cause issues with maintainability/Changeability

to help with DTO's look at AutoMapper, it was designed for it.

if I have missed a point, add a comment

ps here is a great list of helpful patterns PoEAA Catalogue

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