FaceBook UI using new PHP/JS API instead of FBML

Where do I find information on styling my application to facebook look/feel in a PHP/JS (JavaScript) canvas app in an iframe?

I have some code that is a FBML canvas app, but facebook is phasing that out and it seems you can only use the new PHP API with an iframe and the javascript (XFBML) SDK.

I have most of it working, but I can not figure out some simple things - like in FBML to show a nice facebook styled message, I could just do:

<fb:success><fb:message><?php echo $fbmessage; ?></fb:message></fb:success>


<fb:error message="An error has occurred." />

Those FBML tags seem to no longer parse - probably not supported by XFBML. So what are the replacements, or even better, where is the documentation on how to use the new iframe/javascript canvas setup and style it easily? Maybe a CSS file? JS calls? XFBML plugins?



There are no real guidelines for iFrame applications. Maybe it's worth consulting with a front end designer/developer to devise a visual framework for your application.

There are few things that you'll need to check to make sure your app will work as an iframe app instead of an FBML one:

  • Make sure your app's page are complete and valid XHTML
  • Make sure you have the xmlns:fb="http://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml" declaration on your root element
  • Wrap any existing FBML content in the following markup:

    <fb:serverFbml>       <script type="text/fbml">         <!-- your original FBML markup here... -->       </script>     </fb:serverFbml>

  • Lastly, if you aren't already, make sure your page calls FB.XFBML.parse() after calling FB.init().

Hopefully this gets you up and running.

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