How do I pass variable inside find and bash -c?

Hey guys, I'm having issues with passing variable to %exe part of the code. Need your help.

Here is my working code that I use inside bash script:

## Function
targz() {
  find $1 -type f -name "*.$2" -exec \
    bash -c 'old=$(basename {}); new=${old/%exe/tar\.gz}; \
      tar -zcvf $new $old; ' \;

## Function Call
## targz [directory] [extension]
targz . 'exe';

and yes I've tried using it some thing like this:


but it generates filenames like: file.exetar.gz



targz() {
  find $1 -type f -name "*.$2" -exec \
    bash -c 'old=$(basename {}); new=${old/'"$2"'/tar\.gz}; \
      tar -zcvf $new $old; ' \;

The trick is to get out of the single quote, so that variable expansion will be performed.

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