How to identify CMYK images using C#

Does anybody know how to properly identify CMYK images using C#? I found how to do it using ImageMagick, but I need a .NET solution. I found 3 code snippets online, only one works in Windows 7, but all fail in Windows Server 2008 SP2. I need it to work at least in Windows Server 2008 SP2. Here is what I've found:

    using System.Windows.Media;
    using System.Windows.Media.Imaging;
    using System.Drawing;
    using System.Drawing.Imaging;

    bool isCmyk;

    // WPF
    BitmapImage wpfImage = new BitmapImage(new Uri(imgFile));

    // false in Win7 & WinServer08, wpfImage.Format = Bgr32
    isCmyk = (wpfImage.Format == PixelFormats.Cmyk32);

    // Using GDI+
    Image img = Image.FromFile(file);

    // false in Win7 & WinServer08
    isCmyk = ((((ImageFlags)img.Flags) & ImageFlags.ColorSpaceCmyk) == 

    // true in Win7, false in WinServer08 (img.PixelFormat = Format24bppRgb) 
    isCmyk = ((int)img.PixelFormat) == 8207; 


I wouldn't start with BitmapImage as your way of loading the data. In fact, I wouldn't use it at all for this. Instead I would use BitmapDecoder::Create and pass in BitmapCreateOptions.PreservePixelFormat. Then you can access the BitmapFrame you're interested in and check its Format property which should now yield CMYK.

Then, if you really need to display the image, you can just assign the BitmapFrame, which is also a BitmapSource subclass, to an Image::Source.

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