Git fails to push to ftp-server

I've got some problem using git over ftp.

What I've got right now:

  • FTP Server, ready for active and passive FTP;
  • Bare git repository, one commit

The repository was created locally and then sent to the server. I had to use git update-server-info to make it work. Now I can clone into my new repository and execute pulls, but I cannot push. Everytime I try, git says:

error: Cannot access URL ftp://f***@w*****/repo/, return code 3 fatal: git-http-push failed

Can anyone please help me?

Greets Florian


Note: if your goal is to copy (deploy) files that have changed in your local repo to a ftp server then:

might be better suited for this task.

As far as I know (as confirmed in this thread), there is no support yet for git push to ftp.

@VonC: Seems you're right, I talked so some GIT guys on IRC and they told me the same. FTP pull works, FTP push doesn't. But anyway, your confirmation thread is a possible solution to my problem, as I can use webdrive/netdrive (and curlftpfs on linux) to make git think the remote repository is a local folder. This is the only solution I see at the moment.

Thank you!

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