Loading A CSS File From Django Template

I have looked through several answers for loading CSS pages. http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/howto/static-files/

Basically, I believe my question should be how do I get staticfiles installed?

I am confused about the settings in settings.py, and I get this error when trying to run collectstatic.

./manage.py collectstatic
Unknown command: 'collectstatic'

In settings.py, I've added





STATIC_ROOT = "/home/amr/django/static_media"

The error I'm getting is there is no module staticfiles.


It seems like you are running an old version of django, the staticfiles application is included in the latest 1.3-alpha or trunk version. To find out which version of django your project is running on try running the following command on a shell

$ python -c "import django; print django.get_version()"

That documentation is for the development version of Django. If you're running a stable version then you should examine the appropriate docs by clicking on the version number at the top of the article.

Try running it with sudo. Available commands are limited based on your access level.

It's worth noting that the docs for 1.2 here:


are the same as 1.3

however, this is obviously totally wrong.

So the first answer here is frustratingly misleading.

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