load csv into 2D matrix with numpy for plotting

Given this CSV file:


I simply want to load it as a matrix/ndarray with 3 rows and 7 columns. However, for some reason, all I can get out of numpy is an ndarray with 3 rows (one per line) and no columns.

r = np.genfromtxt(fname,delimiter=',',dtype=None, names=True)
print r
print r.shape

[ (611.88243, 9089.5601000000006, 5133.0, 864.07514000000003, 1715.3747599999999, 765.22776999999996, 1291111964948.0)
 (611.88243, 9089.5601000000006, 5133.0, 864.07514000000003, 1715.3747599999999, 765.22776999999996, 1291113113366.0)
 (611.88243, 9089.5601000000006, 5133.0, 864.07514000000003, 1715.3747599999999, 765.22776999999996, 1291120650486.0)]

I can manually iterate and hack it into the shape I want, but this seems silly. I just want to load it as a proper matrix so I can slice it across different dimensions and plot it, just like in matlab.


Pure numpy


Check out the loadtxt documentation.

You can also use python's csv module:

import csv
import numpy

You will have to convert it to your favorite numeric type. I guess you can write the whole thing in one line:


Added Hint:

You could also use pandas.io.parsers.read_csv and get the associated numpy array which can be faster.

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