The UAC prompt shows a temporary random Program Name for msi, can the correct name be displayed?

I'm building an MSI installer for windows and sign the installer using signtool. When I run the .msi to test it, the UAC (User Account Control) prompt shows up to ask me if I want to allow the installation to proceed. That's fine, but the prompt shows a number of fields, and for the Program Name field it displays something like "403b3.msi". This is not the name of the msi I'm running.

How can I get the correct Program Name to be displayed?


Use the /d command line argument with the required program name when executing signtool to sign the msi.

It appears that the windows installer creates a temporary copy of the msi file and assigns it a generated name before running it. If you don't use /d with signtool, you get to see the temporary filename which isn't very useful for your users.

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