C# StackOverFlowException when creating new instance of class

Hm i get a strange problem. when i creating new instance of class i get StackOverflowExcepion :)

Here is code:

public partial class PlayerChooser : Window
public PlayerChooser()
        textBoxPlayer1Name.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden;
        textBoxPlayer2Name.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden;
        textBoxPlayer3Name.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden;
        textBoxPlayer4Name.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden;


    public static String player1Name;
    public static String player2Name;
    public static String player3Name;
    public static String player4Name;

    PlayerChooser.player1Name = textBoxPlayer1Name.Text;
    PlayerChooser.player2Name = textBoxPlayer2Name.Text;
    TwoPlayers501_new twoPlayers501_new = new TwoPlayers501_new();

and class and constructor where exception occurs

public partial class TwoPlayers501_new : Window
    public TwoPlayers501_new()

        textBlockPlayer1Name.Text = PlayerChooser.player1Name;
        textBlockPlayer2Name.Text = PlayerChooser.player2Name;

thanx in advance, it is probably some kind of triviality...


Do you have an event handler somewhere performing an action that changes one of those properties based on the property having been changed?

Short version: There isn't enough information here to debug your problem.

Suggestion: Debug your program and when you get the stackoverflowexception, check out the callstack. I suspect that there's a method or series of methods that cycle infinitely in your stack.

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