problem with poco on snow leopard + eclipse

hey, i'm trying to work with poco on osx snow leopard, compiling via eclipse with the 64bit mac parser,

when trying to compile a simple code using Poco DateTime i get the following error :

"Poco::DateTime::DateTime()", referenced from: _main in Run.o "Poco::DateTime::~DateTime()", referenced from: _main in Run.o ld: symbol(s) not found collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [assignment 2] Error 1

does anyone know why this is happening ? i'm guessing something to do with me compiling 64bit, but installing poco i made sure it compiles to darwin 64bit as well..

SOLVED -- the error was i didn't really compile poco for 64bit.. thanks...


The linker can't find the Poco library. Like aschepler said, check the -l and -L flags. Try edit those flags on the project properties (search for the paths of the libraries)

the problem is that poco needs to be compiled for a 64bit environment in Snow leopard, although i have ditched eclipse all together now and am using Xcode for c++, so much better.

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