Font-face web fonts looks bolder

I'm stuck with a problem. I'm trying to embed fonts with @font-face but they always looks bolder. I have tried everything: other fonts, change font-weight to "ligher" or "100" etc... The font looks always as it is bolded. I'm pretty sure it could look good because I've seen it used in many other websites with @font-face and it looks thin and fine.

See the attached image link text (I know it would never look as in PS, but so different?)



You are probably using the wrong weight file. Fonts will often be sold in different weights. You should verify that the file you're embedding with @font-face is the right weight.

Set the following in your stylesheet on whatever elements you are using font face on and it fixes the issue:

-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; /* This needs to be set or some font faced fonts look bold on Mac. */

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