Get visual graph of heap memory usage in Java over a span of time

I am currently using Visual VM to monitor the heap memory usage of my Java application. However I would like to somehow see the heap memory usage over a span of time like for example a day and not just get a snapshot.I would like to be able to leave Visual VM or a tool on and let it log the memory usage and then later after one day, I can go back and see a graph of it. Is there a way to do this using Visual VM? If yes, how? If not, what tool can I used to do this?


Run your Java program with the following Java options:

-Xloggc:log.out -XX:+PrintGCDetails -XX:+PrintGCTimeStamps

and download HPjmeter to visualize log.out.

Also see SUN's GC portal webpage for more options to run with. Since the data is written to a file, you won't have any problems collecting days or weeks worth of data. Of course, if you wish to visualize data with lots of information, you'll need to run HPjmeter with more memory.

Your other option is to use JConsole.

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