How do I “Hide()” a Modal WPF Window without it closing?

I have a WPF window that is run on a background thread as a sort of "notifier window"... when an event is raised, it displays a message... a user clicks the "Snooze" button and I call this.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed

The very moment that I hide the window (either by calling this.Hide() or setting the Visibility as mentioned above)... the "ShowDialog()" code releases the window and closes it.

This is absolutely a bug in the WPF code (which I've identified via reflector)... but my question remains. Has anyone been able to come up with a work-around for this issue?

I've tried many things and am now reaching out to ya'll smart people :)


You can't hide a modal dialog. That's like asking, "How do I get to 100mph in reverse?" You don't, you drive the car forwards.

Use Show, not ShowDialog. Alternately you can simply re-ShowDialog when it needs to become visible again.

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