High Volume, High Speed Textbox in .Net

I am writing an application that will display serial/USB data at a rate of up to 250kb/sec. I am using the .net SerialPort class and reacting to the DataReceived event. For early implementations of this software, I simply stored the incoming data in a WinForms RichTextBox. This solution works fine until there are 50k - 100k lines in the control, at which point the application bogs down. Since then, I've tried accomplishing my goals with WPF and found the same problem. I tried, at one point, to keep only the currently visible text in the textbox, and store the rest in a large List<string> but this solution required a huge number of workarounds and, in the end, was abandoned - I'd rather not reinvent the wheel.

Now I come to you for a thread of hope - I am willing to try anything! Should I use a custom control (both pay and free controls are welcome)? SQLite? Virtualization as described above? Should I try polling the SerialPort instead of reacting to events?


Use a thread to read the data and write it directly to a file. Have your app refresh the last x number of lines from the file every so often. Maybe even have the refresh based off of a notification from the reader thread?

By using multiple threads you'll keep the UI responsive and by writing straight to a file you'll ensure you've collected all of the data. Also, it will allow you to pause the display long enough to actually copy/paste the data you want while continuing to capture data.

Possibly you could implement your own type of file reader that would allow the user to "scroll" through the file by only loading the parts you can actually display on screen at one time.

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