Can't find C++ 6.0 IDE in MSDN download area

I think this has something to do with a lawsuit with Sun over Java - but I can't verify this. I'm trying to get a legacy code base to compile 1st so I can begin upgrading it.

Also: I suppose I need to know where/how I CAN get the C++ 6.0 IDE install.

Digging through the "Pile of DVD's in the old developer's drawer" right now.


Yes, this was a result of the 2001 settlement between Microsoft and Sun over the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine. Several products were axed because of this, including Windows 98, Windows Me, Office 2000, Office XP, IE 5.5

Best place to find a license is at an auction site. It was always available at Ebay for example, prices have been steadily climbing.

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