How to programmatically add a RibbonTab to WPF Ribbon (October 2010 release)?

Does anybody know a way to programatically add a RibbonTab to a Mircosoft WPF Ribbon? I can't find an example or at least a property to use in neither documentation nor Ribbon's intellisense.

I found many entries all over the web suggesting something like: ribbon.Tabs.Add(...)

Unfortunately "Tabs" doesn't exist in the Ribbon class at all?! Was there an API change I can't find anything about or what's the trick?


The Microsoft WPF Ribbon inherits from Selector, which inherits from ItemsControl. With that in mind, to add a tab programmatically, you would use the Items property to add the new RibbonTab object.

For example,

Ribbon.Items.Add(new RibbonTab())

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