Array AND() ? Logical ANDing of all elements

I have an array and I want to find out if there is at least one false value in it. I was thinking of creating an array_and() function, that just performs a logical AND on all the elements. It would return true if all values are true, otherwise false. Am I over-engineering?


Why dont you just use

  • in_array — Checks if a value exists in an array


// creates an array with 10 booleans having the value true.
$array = array_fill(0, 10, TRUE);

// checking if it contains a boolean false
var_dump(in_array(FALSE, $array, TRUE)); // FALSE

// adding a boolean with the value false to the array
$array[] = FALSE;

// checking if it contains a boolean false now
var_dump(in_array(FALSE, $array, TRUE)); // TRUE

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