Python regex: Fix one html close tag

<div>random contents without < or > , but has ( )  <div>

Just need to fix the closing div tag

so it looks like <div>random contents</div>

I need to do it in Python by regex.

The input is exact like the first line, there will no any < or > in random contents






Note: This is bad practice, don't do it unless it's absolutely necessary!

I wouldn't recommend a regex - use something like tidy (which is a Python wrapper around HTML Tidy).

Avoid using regular expressions for dealing with HTML.

This is how it would be parsed in a DOM tree as it currently is:

>>> from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
>>> BeautifulSoup('<div>random contents<div>')
<div>random contents<div></div></div>

Or are you wanting to turn the second <div> into </div> (which a browser certainly would not do)?

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