Any known solutions for Image Differencing in Actionscript?

I'm working with a few programming buddies to create an AS interface to the kinect and one problem we're running into is image differencing. We need to be able to throw out image data that doesn't change from image to image so we can pin-point only things that are moving(i.e. people).

Anyone have any experience with this or a direction we can go?


I would consider creating a pixel bender shader to find the difference and also do any other math or tracking. Pixel bender gets its own thread outside of the normal flash player so you can get some more horse power for your setup. Pixel Bender shaders can be applied to bitmaps, vectors, or video so I think it is perfect for this project. Good Luck!

And is is a full collection of shaders including difference

Take a look at the threshold method on BitmapData. It'll allow you to do this stuff. Their docs have a simple example so check that out.

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