SVG icons not showing up in Qt4 release build in windows

I have a Qt4 application with SVG icons, compiled with mingw (in windows), linked to Qt shared libraries.

When application is run, SVG icons show up in debug and release builds in linux, however in windows SVG icons show up only in debug build but not in release build.

All SVG icons are listed in project.qrc, and has RESOURCES = project.qrc. Application uses QtSvg4.dll (version 4.7.0).

Qt 4.7.0, Qt Creator 2.0.1, mingw/g++ 4.4.0.

Solution update: In application directory, create /imageformats/ directory and put qsvg4.dll there instead of application directory itself, or create a qt.conf file with appropriate path. More information in deploying plugins.


Most likely you will have to include the plugins from your qt dir. This involves making a qt.conf file that is local to your app (see here: , more specifically the [Paths] section), and copy c:\Qt\4.x.x\plugins\imageformats*.dll to your distributable's directory.

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