Windows Compressed Folders avoids Mercurial repo folder .hg

Creating a zip file using Send To -> Compressed folder excludes .hg folder on Windows 7. The same behavior is seen in XP. Is it because folder name starts with a dot ?

Mercurial creates .hg folder to hold the repository. Whenever the working folder is zipped, it leaves .hg folder out of compressed .zip file.


Try using 7-zip or another archival utility to compress the files, since Windows doesn't generally like filenames starting with ..

Yes zip skips compressing the floders that start with "." on windows below version 7

See : How does WinXP's "Send to Compressed (zipped) Folder" decide what to include in zip file?

I would suggest that you tar the file before you zip it. This way you will ensure that those folders are included. Tar handles them.

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