iPhone app: tap this button to update to the latest version

I basically need a url to open that will end up at the updates tab of the AppStore app. Preferably at the update screen for my app. Is such a thing possible?

I know you can open the app itself, or even the reviews page for the app. But when prompting users to upgrade, the "buy/free" button is actually grayed out and says "installed". Which is pretty unintuitive. We could just have text that instructs the user what to do, but it would be far better we could go directly the update page for our app. We can remotely update content in our old app, so it would be easy to have button or link that takes them to the update tab, assuming I knew what the magic url was.


There's no such URL. About all you can do is tell the user to check the App Store for an update and block them from progressing further into your app until they've installed the new version.

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