UIButton select state's image appears behind normal state's image

I have a UIButton which has images set for both Normal and Selected State. From what I understand, when you switch the button.selected state to YES / NO, it should toggle between the two images. It sure does. But the selected state image always apear behind the normal state one.

The reason I can see this is because my normal state is a play button and the middle triangle is basically transparent. I can see the pause button appear behind it.

Anyone know what the problem is and, maybe how to fix it?

Thanks :)


Managed to fix it by not using state variable to do it. I'm just explicitly setting the image each time. Kinda lame but works.

I also had this problem and it may be a bug so I will be checking with Apple. I had the following code, yet the "Selected State" Image and Text would not display.

[btnConfirm setSelected: YES];
[btnConfirm setEnabled: NO];
[btnConfirm setAlpha: .6];

So if the item had been previously confirmed, I didn't want the user to be able to tap the button again ([btnConfirm setEnabled: NO]). I wanted the wording to change for CONFIRM to CONFIRMED, and I wanted a custom Checkmark image to be displayed as well. Finally I wanted the button to appear "Grayed-Out" ([btnConfirm setAlpha: .6]).

Well this didn't work until I removed the [btnConfirm setEnabled: NO] statement. For some reason when the button is Disabled it can't have a "Selected" state. I guess it makes sense, but why are they mutually exclusive, I can't explain, so I will report my issue. in the mean time I may also try Highlighted...

I resolved my issue by just using the Disabled state. I removed the [btnConfirm setSelected: YES] because its no longer needed. The Disabled state of the button is automatically set once the btnConfirm.Enabled is set to NO.

This resolved all of my issues.

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