sqlite return as day of week

I have 1 table which has 3 columns:

tb1 = _id(int,prikey,autoinc) , busnum(text) , servdate(date)

I use the following query to get me all jobs from within the past week ( a week starts from monday):

SELECT * FROM tb1 WHERE servdate BETWEEN date('now', 'Weekday 1', '-21 days') AND date('now')

I want the query to work exactly the same but instead to return the "servdate" fields as their corresponding day of the week. for example, "monday", instead of "2010-11-28".

is this possible?


You can use an ancillary table as wallyk suggested; or you can use a case expression:

select _id, busnum, 
  case cast (strftime('%w', servdate) as integer)
  when 0 then 'Sunday'
  when 1 then 'Monday'
  when 2 then 'Tuesday'
  when 3 then 'Wednesday'
  when 4 then 'Thursday'
  when 5 then 'Friday'
  else 'Saturday' end as servdayofweek
from tb1
where ...

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