Detecting if the browser window is moved with JavaScript?

This is for a demo... and i was just curious, can you detect if the window has been moved? Like if you move Firefox/Chrome/IE around your monitor? I doubt it, but i wanted to see since you can check for resize and focus/blurred windows.


I can only think of this (heavy) work-around, where you check if window.screenX and window.screenY have changed every x milliseconds

var oldX = window.screenX,
    oldY = window.screenY;

var interval = setInterval(function(){
  if(oldX != window.screenX || oldY != window.screenY){
  } else {
    console.log('not moved!');

  oldX = window.screenX;
  oldY = window.screenY;
}, 500);

Though I would not recommend this -- it might be slow and I'm not sure if screenX and screenY are supported by all browsers

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