How to get specific Range in Excel through COM Interop?

i have the following problem. I have to read an excel file through COM interop. I am new to programming with COM interop.

I search for a specific string using this:

this.sheet = (Excel.Worksheet)this.excelApp.Workbook.Sheets.Item[this.sheetname];
            Excel.Range firstRow = this.sheet.Range["A1", "XFD1"];
            Excel.Range foundRange = firstRow.Find(

No i want to use the foundRange as a starting point to get another range.

Something like this

Excel.Range MyRange = this.sheet.Range[foundRange + 2 rows, + 1 column & lastRow];

I don't see a way to do this. Is there one?


Okay, after some sleep i have found the answer.

 int startColumn = Header.Cells.Column;
 int startRow = header.Cells.Row + 1;
 Excel.Range startCell = this.sheet.Cells[startRow, startColumn];
 int endColumn = startColumn + 1;
 int endRow = 65536;
 Excel.Range endCell = this.sheet.Cells[endRow, endColumn];
 Excel.Range myRange = this.sheet.Range[startCell, endCell];

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