PHP Filtering Form Input

Hello I have a simple form on my site that allows users to send feedback. The form is validated in more than one way sometimes I get emails that are just a bunch of gibberish like: sadfasdasd sadfsa dasd werqwer gsdfh hdfgh.

Question: Is there any clever way to check input string to prevent this?


Distinguishing between rubbish and sense is a very hard job for a computer and apparently not easy for humans either. The only way to do that with any degree of success is to use some sort of spam filtering software.

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AppcompatActivity Error with Android studio

android android-studio appcompat appcompatactivity

I'm getting this error when building android application with Android studio :

Converting memory addresses


I have been searching around for this question but cant seem to find it. If I am in GDB disassembling code, how do I convert something like 0xfffffff4 to -0xc (i found the values online)