Perl Archive::Tar

I want to archive all txt files with File::Find, delete the source files and remove empty directories.

I'm having difficulties renaming the files with '$tar->rename( );' because I'd like to to strip them from their full path names and use only parent directory/*.txt, but whatever I try the code renames only one file. I don't know where is the appropriate place to execute the 'unlink' function.


use strict;
use warnings;
use Archive::Tar;
use File::Find;
use File::Basename;  

my $dir = "E:/";

my @files = ();

find(\&archive, $dir);      
sub archive {
    /\.txt$/ or return;
    my $fd = $File::Find::dir;
    my $fn = $File::Find::name; 
    my $folder = basename($fd);
    my $file = $_;

    push @files, $fn;

    my $tar = Archive::Tar->new();  
    $tar->rename( $fn, $folder."\\".$file );

    unlink $fn; 


You are using the File::Find interface incorrectly. The archive sub gets called once on every file found. You end up creating a new tar on every call, adding a single file to it and writing it out.

Correction: You end up trying to add all the previously found files, but you've already unlinked all except the last one.

Let's do this in small steps - first find and classify all .txt files according to directory, then add them to relevant tar files, and finally clean up:

my $dir = "E:/";

my %txt_files = ();

find(\&classify, $dir);      
sub classify{
    /\.txt$/ or return;
    my $fd = $File::Find::dir;
    my $fn = $File::Find::name;

    push @{$txt_files{$fd}||=[]}, $fn;

foreach my $folder (keys %txt_dirs) {
    my @files = @{$txt_files{$folder}};
    my $foldername = basename($folder);

    my $tar = Archive::Tar->new();  
    $tar->rename( $_, $foldername."/".basename($_))
        for @files;


# remove all the txt files we've found
unlink for map {@{$_}} values %txt_files;

# try to remove the directories that contained the txt files
eval {rmdir} for keys %txt_files;

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