How to disable R from changing the “-” character into '.' character when writing to a file?

I want to write the results of a table into a file and names of my columns contain the '-' character, but when I write it to a file it replaces all the '-' by a '.'.

  for(i in 1:length(Result[,1]))


do any one know how to disable this option? my coloms names are names of proteins some of them are writen in this way YER060W-A Thank you in advance.


It takes special care to make such an entity. But then you can use the col.names argument and assign colnames(dfrm) to it.

> tst <- data.frame(`a-b`= letters[1:10], `1-2`=1:10, check.names=FALSE)
> colnames(tst)
[1] "a-b" "1-2"
> write.table(tst, file="tst.txt", col.names=colnames(tst) )

Pasted from my editor:

"a-b" "1-2"
"1" "a" 1
"2" "b" 2  snipped the rest...

No success with write.table? I see that write() doesn't have the same repertoire of options as write.table. Let's make an array (rather than a dataframe) with dim names having "-"'s:

DCtest <- array(1:27, c(3,3,3))
dimnames(DCtest) <- list(dim1 =c(a="a-b",b="b-c",c="c%d"), 
                         dim3= letters[7:9])

One quick way to get output is just capture.output():

capture.output(DCtest, file="testm.txt")

testm.txt now looks like this in an editor:

, , dim3 = g

dim1  d e f
  a-b 1 4 7
  b-c 2 5 8
  c%d 3 6 9

, , dim3 = h

dim1   d  e  f
  a-b 10 13 16
  b-c 11 14 17
  c%d 12 15 18

, , dim3 = i

dim1   d  e  f
  a-b 19 22 25
  b-c 20 23 26
  c%d 21 24 27

You also should not forget that capture output has an append= parameter if you wanted to append successive slices through an array.

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