Rails 3.03 and Rails 2.38 — can they work together?

Is there a way to install a Rails 2.3.10 app if I have Rails 3.0.3 installed on my machine?

for example i'd like to start my server with ruby script/server instead of rails server.



Two main ways:

  • Bundler: you can create a Gemfile and use bundler to silo the gems for each of your installations. The drawback to this one is that you'll probably have to use "bundle exec command" whenever you want to run a command for the version of rails you're using, such as spec or cucumber
  • RVM: using RVM you can use not only different versions of Ruby, but also separate gemsets within a version of Ruby. I personally use this method most of the time, creating a gemset called "rails3" and "rails2" (or sometimes I use a gemset for the application) with the relevant gem versions in it. You can have as many gemsets as you want and switch between them. Stick a .rvmrc file in the root of your application, and rvm will switch the version of ruby and your gemset for you automatically.

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