Xcode warning: application executable contains unsupported architecture(s):arm, arm (-19031)

I've been receiving this warning since I loaded my project in last Xcode 4 preview. There was no warning before that but now I can't get rid of it even in Xcode 3.2. I've been googling but nobody seems to have the same error.

My project and target settings are correct (IMHO): Architectures: Standard (armv6 armv7), Base SDK: Latest iOS (currently set to iOS 4.2), Build Active Architecture Only: FALSE, Valid Architectures: armv6 armv7.

I compared every project setting with other projects and and found no differences. I even have recreated the project starting from scratch and copying classes, resources and frameworks with the same result.

I must say that the warning is not shown when I set Debug configuration.

I hope someone can help me because I don't know what to do. Thanks in advice.


I kept getting this error and it was driving me crazy. Then I realized I was building the project for Simulator instead of Device. Once I made the change, I was able to upload the app without a problem.

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