Determine whether UITableViewCell is editing from “swipe” or “self.editButton”

I'm trying to determine whether a UITableViewCell subclass is in edit mode from a user's swipe (in which case I don't need to indent my subviews) or from the user pressing the "Edit" button associated with the UITableViewController. (In which case I do.)

I know it's possible from a cell's perspective, since the self.textLabel view automatically indents properly. I have tried:

-(void)layoutSubviews {
   [super layoutSubviews];

   CGRect labelFrame = self.textLabel.frame;
   labelFrame.origin.x += 5;
   myCustomUILabel.frame = labelFrame;

But my custom label does not properly indent. (Though the self.textLabel view does?)

I would like to avoid the following:

  • Providing the cells with a reference to the parent table.
  • Overriding methods in the UITableViewController class to let the cells know whether they are being edited individually or the entire table is editing.


You can override willTransitionToState: in your UITableViewCell subclass. When the "Edit" button is pressed the state will be UITableViewCellStateShowingEditControlMask(=1) and when swiping it will be UITableViewCellStateShowingDeleteConfirmationMask(=2).

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