Need a php script to upload bitmapdata into a mysql table (BLOB) from Flash AS3

I need help in a php script. Have spent half a day searching high and low but couldnt get anything work.

Basically, i want a sample php script, that can let me call from Flash, to save a bitmap data as a record into a mysql table!



As far as Flash is concerned, you need to turn your BitmapData object into a ByteArray

Look into Zend AMF or amfphp for communication with PHP, both will allow you to pass the ByteArray as a variable . Zend Amf Lee Brimelow | ZendAmf Video tutorial

As for the PHP script, as soon as you get the ByteArray variable in PHP, it's a straightforward Mysql connection , only you need to save your data as a blob. Store images in Mysql tutorial

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