Issue with printing char *argv after a function call in C

int readOptions(char *argv[]){
        FILE * infile;
        char line_buf[BUFSIZ];
        int i = 0, j = 0 ; 
        infile = fopen("options","r");

                     fprintf(stderr,"File Read failure\n");

        while( i < 10 && fgets(line_buf,sizeof(line_buf),infile)!=0){

             printf("Line buf : %s",line_buf); 
             argv[i] =  line_buf;                                   



int main(){

int j ; 

char *options[10]; 

for(j = 0 ; j< 10 ; j++){

        options[j] = malloc(len * sizeof (char));

for(j=0; j<10 ; j++)
         printf("%s %d\n",options[j], j );


The problem is that I always see - the program print only the last line read in the file. Where is the mistake ? and am I missing any important pointer concept with this code ?


Every element of argv points to the same line_buf. Use strdup() to create new strings instead (which you will later have to free).

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