How to make values transfer between multiple threads

I have two threads:

Thread 1 is fetching XML from a web service in loop.

Thread 2 is parsing the XML fetched by thread 1 and showing it in the UI.

Please tell me what is the best way to pass XML data from thread 1 to thread 2 as it’s retrieved by thread 1?

Thread 1 is fetching the XML and then thread 2 consuming it.

To do so i have created a circular linked list and thread 1 puts its XML there in the linked list and thread 2 gets the XML for it and remove it from the list, and it’s working fine.

Please tell me if there is any other better approach than what I am using.


Looks like you need

Producer-Consumer Quequ

The framework provides


with .NET 4.0. It should implement a queue between consumer and producer without the need of any manual synchronisation.

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