How to make class to allow creation of 3 objects only

i was asked this question in my interview that how to make a class that can only allows 3 objects creation.

i suggested to take a static variable and a static function for creation of object and while returning reference of new object just check value in static variable to check count of no. of object already created.

second approach i told him to take 3 static object of same class in that class only and let the user use those object only.

please tell me the best approach to perform above operation.



I think your first approach is closer to the question: make private constructor and a static newInstance() method that checks how many instances were created before and returns null if it's more than 3.

Second approach is also ok, though.

EDIT @Saurabh: even though the question says nothing about what to do in case the object is gc-ed, let's develop this:

  1. A dirty hack to the first solution: override finalize() method that decrements the static counter of objects.
  2. A pool of objects with some sort of a locking mechanism that only allows three, let's say, users, use the objects ate the same time.

In Java, the simplest solution would be to use an enum.

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