destroy a view when back button is pressed

My navigation controller is organized this way:

FirstViewController -> SecondViewController -> ThirdViewController

in the First I do a search on the web and I display the result in a UITableView when I select a cell I push to the Second where I do another search based on key previously pressed and I display some information and a button for "more info" when I press the button I push to the Third view and this works fine...

The problem is when I press two times the back button for doing another search: when I arrive at the third view I display every time the informations about the first search!

this is because I do the display of information in loadView and this is called only the first time, right?

How should I do?

thank you!


Indeed viewDidShow is called after the view has been loaded and created from the NIB file. This means you should only use that method to do initialization stuff.

Add a new method and call it everytime you have new results:

- (void) updateAndShowResults
    // Code to update third view goes here
    // and is always called whenever some new results are available

You'd call it from the first or second view controller like this:

[thirdView updateAndShowResults];

Hope that helps. Please mark the best answer by clicking the "√" on the left! Thanks.

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