Is there a way to estimate the write bandwidth from java to an Oracle

We have a large volume of data and want to know how fast it can be written to Oracle. Is there a way to estimate the write bandwidth from java to an Oracle DB? We can use any approach (not necessarily JDBC) if it is faster. For example it would be useful to know for X disk speed, Y processor, then you can write Z bytes/second. Is there a way to estimate such a data rate?



I don't think there's any standard formula. Among other things it also depends on your schema (e.g whether you have indexes on the tables), the file system, how many disks you have, the RAID level you are using, how the tables, indexes, logs etc are spread out across those disks...

Try it and see is probably the only way.

If there is a way of estimating it given all that, I'd like to know about it too!

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